2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Revealed

The wait is finally over. The car we had all been waiting for so long is here. Yes, the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV is here. At its debut at the Volkswagen Group Event, each and every one of us were thinking as to what this beast is all about. But all the car’s secret lies in its name. You might have noticed that the name of the new Lamb hails the initials ‘SV’ which stand for ‘SuperVeloce’ Italian for superfast and as the name suggests this car is one wicked fellow. With a ballistic acceleration, this beast seems ever-ready to rocket down the runway, we mean racetrack. This car is so fast that even the guys at Lamborghini call it a ‘Crazy Car’.
To show off what the car is capable of, people at Lamborghini asked their test driver to take it out for a spin. Its was on the racetrack that the car displayed its true color. It was a charmer, thanks to its aerodynamic body piercing through the wind, wide tyres griping the ground, rear spoiler providing the necessary down-force and the engine generating the required grunt. The car topped 200+ kmph on straights. Traveling at that speed the joy ride quickly came to an end. That was the car’s fun part now lets focus on the technical aspects of the car.
Speaking about the exterior, the Aventador SV gets a more refined and aggressive look. Featuring a front splitter with an extra body colored lip, the car has a muscular appearance. A black front bumper with extra large scoops to cool down the power-house inside. On the side, the car comes equipped with 20 inch multi-spoke wheels to add style. Extra scoops on the C-pillar keeps the engine temperature under control. Even the rear looks aggressive on this beast. The car sports a fixed wing, which now provides an extra 170% of down-force, to prevent the car take-off at top speed. A carbon fiber diffuser with quartet central exhaust system adds spice to the car.
Now comes the important part which brings a devilish smile on our face, the car’s powerhouse, its engine. The car packs a 6.5 litre V12 which churns out a mind boggling 750 bhp of max power coupled with a 7 speed single clutch transmission box, which is the reason behind the car’s ballistic acceleration of 0-100 kmph in under 3 seconds helping it attain a top speed of 350+ kmph. Its a car or a fighter jet ? we wonder.

Stau tuned for more updates!
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