Mahindra Halo: All You Need to Know


Mahindra Halo, the company’s full electric two-door coupe concept, which had made its debut at the 2014 Auto Expo could also be showcased as an updated version at the 2016 Auto Expo in February. Halo is the electric vehicle that Mahindra has been preparing for the European markets as there is a higher demand for two-door and electric products than in India. Mahindra had recently mentioned that it will be introducing an all-new electric vehicle for the European market and this will be launched sometime this year. This is likely to be that product for the European market. For India, it is likely to consider the Verito electric as a more important product than the Halo. Source
The Mahindra Halo concept shows no signs of reaching production yet but the upcoming 2016 Auto Expo could well see some fresh news on it in light of the discounts extended to EV makers. The Halo is more like a Japanese Kei car in terms of its dimensions and performance. The exterior shows a large greenhouse for a small car, ensuring good visibility and easy to drive nature. It sits low on large alloy wheels, has two doors and two seats and comes with LED headlights and tail lamps. The interiors of the Halo are as futuristic as the exterior with a large infotainment screen, a sporty steering wheel with plenty of controls and a digital instrument cluster as well.


The shape of the car is reminiscent of the Porsche 911, with a low front bumper, and a roof that takes off, and then slows down towards the rear in a rather buoyant manner. The side profile is accentuated with large fenders and broad wheels that are sure to grip the harsh roads and to keep stability always. The front is adorned with the a well-structured grille, complete with stylish, sleek headlamps. The trimmed headlamps are aided with the presence of smaller lights below it, and air vents positioned at the bottom of the entire frontage for maximum cooling to the large engine. The front bumper is large and wide, blending into the windscreen flawlessly. The rear end is wide and clean cut in its shape, with a headlamp cluster on either side of the trunk door. The lights are sure to be integrated with all the necessary brands of lighting, including LEDs, turn indicators and courtesy lights. Source

The inside of the vehicle is meant to be coated in the finest assortment of materials, handpicked and with the most profane choice selections. The refined materials that this car offers in its cabin’s structure may vary from metallic accents to wooden frames. The seats are sure to be covered in the top grade, full premium leather, and the dashboard is structured boldly at the center of the entire desk. It is not doubted that the instrument cluster that the luxury brand gifts with this vehicle goes to new lengths, with the first of a kind model sure to set the best path possible. A high-end stereo system is a sure addition to the ride quality, fulfilled on all regards. Radio function is a must for anyone riding a car these days, and this car maker’s models take that necessity to all new fronts. USB connections are granted with all the vehicles that other brands make, and Mahindra has never left this feature out with any of its vehicles. In addition to fulfilled gadgetry and high-class upholstery, the vehicle must have the finest atmosphere, and this is enabled with a top grade air conditioning with ducts positioned all over for strategic circulation. Source
The Halo concept will be offered in two variants: one is a top-end that has a maximum speed of 160kmph and a range of 200 kilometres. The base model will have a range in between 100 to 150 kilometres. Mahindra claims that this electric vehicle will reach 100kmph in nine seconds. Mahindra hasn’t shared a lot of details on this electric vehicle, but it will come feature-loaded and will have a lot of safety features too on offer to match the European safety norms. Mahindra has also developed quick charging stations which will give the Halo a full charge in one hour and a range of 25km in a matter of minutes. Expect the Mahindra Halo to be priced around the Rs 10 lakh mark. 
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