Mercedes-Benz To Assemble GLA In India

According to a recent report by Mercedes-Benz India, it is confirmed that the company will assemble its GLA in India. Doubling the capacity of company’s Pune facility confirms this. The car will follow the CKD route into India. This move will directly impact the car’s price-tag. The car will now cost Rs 32 lac, Rs 1.44 lac less.

A steady rise in Mercedes sales along these year with a boost by GLA’s  outstanding performance on the sales chart forced the company to be future ready. This year only the company witnessed  a 41% growth in sales. Satisfying customers in the Indian car market has now become the company’s top priority. A locally assembled car will come with a cheaper price-tag and a cheaper car means more sales, simple!

The luxury Indian car market is showing a steady 20% rise in sales with every passing year and so every big player in this field is trying to bag in the opportunity. Mercedes-Benz being a leader in this field has chalked out a proper strategy of how its going to maintain its dominance in the Indian luxury car market. The company has planned to expand its network in the country by taking up its number of retail outlets to 80 by the end of the year.

GLA being the company’s first choice in its local assembly strategy owing to its popularity and increasing demand. Since its launch in September, the model has been a best-seller. First introduced in India as a CBU, its ever increasing sales made the company add the A-Class based crossover into its local assembly strategy. With this strategy the company aims to target the first time luxury car buyers and a new generation car will help the company hit the bulls eye. Keeping that in mind the company is working on to introduce more next-gen car in the country which includes the company’s A-, B-, C-, CLA- and GLA-Class models.

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